Windscreen Scratch Repair Worcester

A scratched windscreen can be more than just a cosmetic problem – it could cause problems with your vision when driving and, potentially, affect the strength of your windscreen.

Here at AutoGlaze Worcester we can offer a windscreen scratch repair service that will restore your screen back to it’s original state, strengthening any weaker areas and improving the visibility when driving.

Sometimes what may seem a small scratch could actually be severe enough to require a windscreen replacement, side window replacement or rear windscreen replacement. Here at AutoGlaze Worcester we will inspect your windscreen and inform you whether it can be repaired or will require a replacement. We always try to repair where possible.

AutoGlaze Worcester’s scratch repair service is not just limited to windscreens. All vehicle glass can be repaired, including body glass (Side windows) and heated rear windows. We can repair glass on cars, vans & HGVs. The only limitation is the severity of the scratch (i.e whether it’s too deep).

Our scratch repair service involves the latest high-tech apparatus, enabling us to provide a service that speaks for itself. Our technicians have undergone extensive training in the use of the repair equipment, meaning you can relax whilst we’re carrying out the work on your vehicle.

If your windscreen, side window or rear windscreen is scratched, don’t delay and get in touch with AutoGlaze Worcester today for your free no obligation quotation.

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