Installation of additional windows in your vehicle can be a costly game. It therefore makes sense to ensure that the company carrying out the work is using the best quality parts and have a proven track record in such a task. Having poorly installed windows can result in water and air leaks and leaves the vehicle in an unsafe position when being used.

AutoGlaze Worcester are experienced autoglaze technicians having carried out thousands of van conversions successfully, with happy customers after each job too. We use manufactured recommended glazing panels and accessories, ensuring a safe and quality conversion. Any exposed metal work is fully treated to ensure corrosion free future.

We can install windows in any panel, any shape and any size. Our glass panels are high quality and can be tinted or non-tinted. All of our jobs use the correct bonding agent and we prime any cut metalwork with a quality rubber seal.

Check out some of our past conversion jobs below. If you’d like to request a quote, please click here.